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Toyota Voxy 7 Seater (2017-Present) Hybrid

Base colour
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Since you're a Toyota Voxy 7 Seater (2017-Present) Non-Hybrid owner, you are probably searching for the best premium custom made car mat in the market. That is why we created the first and only anti-bacterial car mat for your Toyota Voxy 7 Seater (2014-Present) in Singapore. Trapo hex comes with two patented technologies.

Our hexagon-shaped reservoirs trap 18% more dirt than Trapo Classic and with Japan Anti-Bacterial Technology, Trapo Hex provides a worry-free driving experience.

Our revolutionary Trapo Fix technology, is the best in the market in terms of anti-slip performance, comes installed with Toyota Voxy 7 Seater (2017-Present) Non-Hybrid Trapo Hex car mat.

What are you going to receive in the package:
1 x Driver Seat Mat
1 x Padding
1 x Front Left Passenger Seat Mat
1 x Front Middle
1 x Front Left Step
1 x Front Right Step
3 x Second Row Seat Mats
3 x Third Row Seat Mat
1 x Boot Mat

Other great features

• 5 Years Warranty
• Improved padding design
• Easy to clean
• No smell
• Waterproof
• Recyclable


1. How do I know if Trapo Hex fits my car?

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