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Oxtra Rainguard Repellant

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Rain, Rain, go away.

The Oxtra RainGuard Repellant is a groundbreaking windscreen rain repellant. Unlike conventional water repellants, it is as simple as pouring a bottle of the RainGuard into the wiper reservoir and topping it up with clean water. No long drying times, no lengthy application processes.

- Easy Application
- Utilize Nano Coating
- 2-in0 Water beading + Cleaning Function

1) Is this product ready to be used? 
Yes. It is ready to be used. Just pour the whole bottle of Rainguard directly into the windshield washer tank and turn on the wipers to clean the windshield. 

2) How much water to be added for one Oxtra Rainguard Repellent? 
No water needs to be added when you apply the Oxtra Rainguard Repellent. 

3) What are the preparation steps for maximum result?
First, you need to make sure the water inside the windshield tank is clean and free from other chemicals. After filling up your windshield tank with water, pour the whole bottle of the Oxtra Rainguard Repellent into the windshield washer tank. Turn on your window wipers and clean your windshield a few times with the Oxtra Rainguard Repellent. 

4) Could the Oxtra Rainguard Repellent mix with other washer fluid?
It is not recommended to mix with other types of washer fluid because it will impede the effect of Oxtra Rainguard Repellent. 

1 to 1 Warranty policy
Trapo OXTRA offers 1 to 1 warranty exchange policy with faulty products from manufacturing defects. The product will be evaluated by our product specialist, any damage caused by the user is will not be part of this.