Sustainable Practices

We believe on the strong emphasis of sustainable business practises, responsible consumption
and production methods. This is why Trapo products utilise recycled materials wherever possible
in the manufacturing process to ensure the lowest carbon footprint possible without compromising on quality.

The Reality of Manufacturing Wastage

The Recycling Process

Waste polymer goes through an extensive process of recycling to produce Trapo mats.

The Anatomy of a Trapo Car Mat

Trapo mats are made up or between 20 - 68% of recycled materials

Trapo Car Mat Lifecycle

And once these mats have served the owner well for the duration of ownership,
they can be returned to us to be recycled, allowing the materials used to continousely
provide joy and hyginene to the next owner.

Going a Step Further

On top of EVA recycling efforts, Trapo has also implemented other efforts

Towards Becoming Even More Sustainable

As a company, we are aligned with the United Nation’s
Sustainable Development Goal No.12 and thus, champion green
and sustainable business practices in all aspects of our business.