Trapo i-SIGHT Dashcam T-550

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Experience the clarity of 4K resolution with the TRAPO I-SIGHT Dashcam T-550. This dashcam features a 4K resolution front camera (3840 x 2160P) for sharp and detailed video capture, accompanied by a Full HD rear camera (1080p) to provide a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

Powered by a super capacitor, the T-550 ensures reliable performance even in extreme temperatures. Seamlessly control it with voice commands for a hands-free experience. The built-in GPS provides precise location tracking, adding a layer of security to your drives.

Embark in a world of vibrant visuals with its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, which balances exposure levels for crystal-clear images in various lighting conditions. The T-550 pushes the boundaries of day and night vision capabilities, guaranteeing precise color accuracy and a perfectly balanced exposure level like never before.

Stay ahead with TRAPO I-SIGHT T-550, where innovation meets 4K excellence.


Solution : Mstar8629Q+SC401AI+SC223AI+GPS+Wi-Fi
CPU : Mstar8629Q
Size : 105.47*64.6*43mm

    Sensor :
  • Sensor name : SC401AI
  • Sensor native resolution : 4MP
  • Screen :
  • Screen size : 0.96'' Screen
  • Screen resolution : 80*160
  • Lens :
  • Lens type and layers : 2G3PIR
  • Real angle of view (front) : D=132.2° H=107° V=55°
  • Aperture : F/NO=1.8
  • Focal Length : f=3.35mm
  • Real angle of view (rear) : D=130.6° H=105.8° V=55°
  • Aperture : F/NO=2.0
  • Focal Length : f=3.34mm
  • Video :
  • Video format : 4K 3840*2160P
  • Compression : H.265
  • Video format: MP4
  • Photo :
  • Picture format : JPG
  • Supported photo resolution : 5M
  • Battery :
  • Super Capacitor : Yes
  • Functions :
  • G-Sensor : Yes
  • Parking Mode: Yes,should work with hardwirekit
  • Time Lapse: Yes
  • GPS : Yes
  • WiFi : Yes,5G Wifi
  • Voice Control : Yes
  • Take a photo in time of video recording : Yes
  • Lock/Unlock a file in time of video recording : Yes
  • LED indicator : Yes
  • Microphone : Yes
  • Speaker : Yes
  • APP :Trapo(Android and IOS)
  • GPS tracking : Yes,via APP
  • Max ext.storage capacity (TF-card) : 128G
  • Temp :
  • Working temperature range : -40℃~ +85℃
  • Storage temperature range : -40℃~ +85℃
  • USB :
  • USB Interface:Micro

1. What is the resolution of the TRAPO I-SIGHT T-550 dashcam?

The T-550 features a 4K resolution for its front camera, offering exceptional clarity at 3840 x 2160P. Additionally, it has a Full HD (1080p) rear camera for comprehensive coverage.

2. How does the Super Capacitor benefit the T-550 compared to traditional batteries?

The Super Capacitor in the T-550 provides longer service life and better heat endurance compared to traditional lithium batteries. It ensures reliable performance even in extreme temperatures (from -40℃ to 85℃).

3. Can I control the T-550 with Voice Commands?

Yes, the T-550 is equipped with Voice Command functionality, allowing you to control various features and settings with voice prompts for added convenience.

4. Does the T-550 have built-in GPS?

Yes, the T-550 comes with built-in GPS, allowing you to track your vehicle's location and speed, and providing valuable data for incident analysis.

5. What is Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and how does it benefit the T-550?

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a feature that enhances image quality in varying lighting conditions. The T-550's WDR ensures clear and balanced exposure levels, making it ideal for day and night recording.

6. Can I view and manage the dashcam footage using software or apps?

Yes, you can use compatible software or apps to view, manage, and download footage from the T-550, making it easy to access and save important recordings.

7. Is the T-550 easy to install in my vehicle?

Yes, the T-550 is designed for straightforward installation in most vehicles. It typically comes with user-friendly instructions. We also offer installation services at our TRAPO Hubs.

Trapo i-Sight Dashcam T-550.Experience the clarity of 4k resolution with the Trapo i-Sight Dashcam T-550.4K clear sharp vision.

Super CapacitorIn addition to a remarkable temperature resilience,the super capacitor enhance the longetivity of the dashcam.Built-in GPS.The Trapo i-Sight Dashcam is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with our Trapo app,which allows for video playback,video retrieval,and the adjustment of settings.

Voice Command.Seamlessly control it with voice command for a hands-free experience.With the Trapo i-Sight T-550 advanced voice command capabilities,you have have the power to effortlessly control various functions

Goodbye Laggy Videos!Rest Assure at Trapo,we provide only the best for you.Battery Drain Protection.

Trapo i-Sight Dashcam T-350.2K Clear Sharp Version.

Parking Modes.Extra Layer of security provided.Super Capacitor.Enhaces the longevity of the dashcam,outlasting the lithium battery and reducing the need for frequesnt replacement.

Built-in GPS.The Trapo i-Sight Daschcam is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with our Trapo App.which allows for video playback,video retrieval,and the adjusment of settings.

Vice Command.Seamlessly control it with voice command for a hands-free experience

Battery Drain Protection.Worried that unlocking the 24-hour Parking Monitoring might drain your car's battery?Fret not.